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  • Buying Guides
    10-20-2021 How to Choose Your Magnetic Car Phone Holder?

    There are many magnetic mobile phone holders on the market, how do we choose a suitable magnetic mobile phone holder? What are the key indicators for evaluating an excellent magnetic phone holder for car? The following article will give you some inspiration and help you find the most suitable magnetic phone holder for yourself. Come take a look!...

  • Buying Guides
    12-31-2021 3 Kinds of Best Dashboard Mount for Phone in 2021

    In many states, using a cell phone while driving is estimated as illegal. But in the real situation, we often come across the situation when we have to guide our ways with our phones. And it is also proofed that listening to some music while driving can reduce your tiredness. Therefore, choosing a suitable car phone mount and using it properly while driving is of most helpful for the drivers’ safety....

  • Influencers' Voice
    03-03-2023 2023 Best Car Mount Ever!

    This product gives you 3 different application options that make it fit universally.It gives you several parts so you have the option to stick on your windshield, stick to the dash or put in the vent. Designed to fit all phones between four- and seven-inches wide, even with thick cases, this universal car phone mount attaches to various places in your car....

  • Influencers' Voice
    02-17-2023 If you are looking for a dashboard phone holder...or desk mount for home, look no further!

    2023/2/16 Upadate, I have used it for nearly half a year without any problems. Regarding its high temperature resistance, I don’t think you need to worry. I tried to heat it in a 500°F oven, and it didn’t Any questions. Heartily recommend this product to any driver....