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VICSEED 𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓸 Magsafe Car Mount [20 Strongest Magnets] Compact Dashboard Magnetic Phone Holder Car Magnet [Authentic 3M] Pure Metal Sturdy Car Phone Holder for Magsafe iPhone 14 13 12 All Mobile

[Strongest Adhesion& Never Drop], [Powerful Magnetic& Safe Driving], [Designed for Magsafe Precisely], [Always Fit Any Phone and Case], [Small and 360° Flexible], [Give You Most Intimate Accompaniment]

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Tags: Magnetic Car mount,Car phone holder, Dashboard phone holder
  • Strongest Adhesion& Never Drop -Vicseed car mount adopt genuine authorized high-quality 3M adhesive, which is super sticky and long-lasting. So even in extreme environments from -40°F to 194°F, this car phone mount will not deform or fall off. And we thicken 3M adhesive to 0.06in to ensure a seamless fit on various surfaces, also give 2 different 3M adhesive, so Vicseed car phone holder can 100% fit the center consoles of various cars.

  • Powerful Magnetic& Safe Driving - This phone holder car has built-in 20 strong N52 magnets, the magnetic force is much stronger than the common 12 magnet holder on the market. Even when your car is taking sharp turns or driving on the bumpiest roads, your phone will never fall from the magsafe car mount and distract you. Use Vicseed car holder to keep you safe on the go. The car mount is annular closed magnetic field, not interfere with the signal to keep the navigation and calling open.
  • Designed for Magsafe Precisely -Most stylish car mount in 2022 is specially designed for iPhone12/13/14 Pro Max Mini & official MagSafe cases & other magnet cases, which can attach these phones directly without the hassle of sticking metal plates. The phone mount car will automatically aligns and snaps to your iPhone, just need you make 1 placement motion with 1 hand to use, saving your precious time.
  • Always Fit Any Phone and Case - Comes with 3 metal rings in beautiful packaging, this car mount is compatible with all phones or phone cases, including ring cases and small popsockets. You can share this car mount with your family and friends. Just stick 1 metal ring on the back of any phone or case, anyone can easily place their phone on this holder in no time. And hollow design of the metal ring will not affect the wireless charging like other ordinary metal plates.
  • Small and 360° Flexible -  As the lightest magnetic car mount on the market, you can install it anywhere. It doesn't take up space in your car or obstruct the view, easy adaptation into any car. The car mount has a 360-degree omnidirectional adjustment ball joint, you can twist the magnetic ring panel to set the orientation of your phone arbitrarily, ensuring that your phone is always at the angle you like.

  • Give You Most Intimate Accompaniment - The whole body of this car mount is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, super durable and won't break easily like other plastic mounts. Exclusively designed fluorescence silicone on magnetic ring panel, so you can find the safety seat of your phone at a glance in the dark night. Vicseed provides 12 months warranty service, you can contact us at any time, we will spare no effort to solve your problem                                             
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