Six things you need to know about choosing a right phone holder for car


  1. ​​​​​1.What matters most to you?  

Such as Practicability, Easy to install, Materials, Multi-function, Exquisite appearance, Hand feel.

  1. 2.Which way do you want to mount it?

Such as Dashboard, Air vent, CD slot, Cupholder, Windshield.

  1. 3.What kind of car do you drive?

The way you install it has to do with the internal structure of your car. If you want to mount it in your air vent, the vent clip of the holder must fit your air vent. Different air vents are suitable for different vent clips, the same as the dashboard, not all the dashboards can be used as a dashboard car phone holder, the surface of your dashboard must be flat and smooth.

  1. 4.What cell phone and case do you use?

The iPhone 12 series, for example, can be fitted with a special magnetic car phone mount.

Also, there are some phone cases such as zero lemon, otter box, wallet phone case, leather folding phone case, and so on, they are not suitable for most car phone holders to mount on the market.

  1. 5.What's the climate in your place?

Some car phone holders can't stand for extreme cold or high temperatures, so you need a car phone holder with the strongest temperature tolerance.

  1. 6.Words in the End

According to most users' experience, we suggest you choose big brands and well-reviewed ones because the products of big brands have been experienced by more customers. They have made many corresponding upgrades according to so many different customers with different demands. They have the most rigorous process and manufacturing levels.






(Author: ZHOU Liu)