Why does every driver need a phone holder for car?

What is the vehicle bracket?

The so-called vehicle-mounted mobile phone bracket is a bracket used to fix the mobile phone in the car. It can fix the phone in the proper position, so that the phone does not shake, fall, and can adjust the Angle, easy to take down or directly for other operations.

Car mobile phone holder is mainly needed by drivers, it can make driving use of mobile phone safer. A good mobile phone stand must pay attention to user experience, have an excellent structural design, with the most comfortable and simple way to use, so as to give driving users a better user experience.



What is the role of the vehicle-mounted bracket?

  1. Give your cell phone a good place to put it. 

In most parts of North America, you need to drive to meet your daily needs, so driving safety is more important than anything else. Mobile phones, however, have a great impact on driving safety. After all, mobile phones are not accessories that come with your car. Most of the time, there is no place to put them. A sophisticated mobile phone holder can not only solve the driver's mobile phone has no place to put the problem, but also can instantly make the car more elegant, make the car look more luxurious.

  1. Mobile phone navigation.

In daily life when the owners drive, car navigation is the owner of the most can not ignore a configuration, especially in long-distance or strange places, then the role of car navigation is very important. However, the car's own navigation has its limitations. It's likely to lack real-time traffic information, and the touchscreen mode and sharpness may not be as good as a phone's. Therefore, there are many owners who prefer to use mobile phones to navigate, then the car mobile phone bracket will play a great role, not only convenient and simple to use, but also can make driving safer. Therefore, deeply loved by many owners, is also a necessary car accessory.

  1. Answer the phone more securely.

In order to make it more convenient and safe for car owners to answer the phone while driving, the mobile phone bracket appears in response to the market demand, which only requires hands-free access to the phone, avoiding the dangerous behavior of car owners to drive with one hand holding the phone. A useful in-car phone stand could help drivers drive more safely by keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Finally, I would like to recommend VICSEED Easy Clip Car Phone Mount, which is also my recommendation after using it personally. It's made of durable, rugged airliner PTFE and rubber, which will keep your equipment in a safe place even in rough terrain.

VICSEED Car Smartphone Holder Main Feature

  • Works with all smartphones 4~7 inch mobile phones, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi, etc
  • Easy to install and use, the car dash phone holder can install in a few seconds
  • Enough deep arms can support a thick Phone case
  • The release button can let you put and get phone easily
  • Multi-angle & adjustable, the telescopic arm that extends from 4.84''-9.05'', 360-degree ball-joint rotation
  • Multi-functional, support use on the car dashboard, windshield, table, car air vent








(Author: YI Yazhi)