Recommendation for a good car mount

Whether mobile phone or smartphone, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone: it is hard to imagine our everyday life without these little gadgets. The smartphone is used to make phone calls, take photos, surf the web, keep appointments, listen to music, as an alarm clock, chat, and as a navigation device.

In principle, you should never hold your cell phone in your hand in the car - with a cell phone holder for the car, it's a different story. The holder in the car effectively protects you from penalties. If your smartphone sits effortlessly in the device, you can tap on it, use it as a hands-free device, use the navigation to help you, or look at the clock. If your smartphone is also your navigation system, you can find more information on this topic here.

What mobile phone holders are there?
Smartphone holders with suction cups for windshields or dashboards are common. These models are suitable for almost all vehicles, smartphones can be replaced in an instant, and the bracket can also be moved from car to car in a short time.

The mobile phone holder for the vent is pushed into the ventilation slot of the car, and the structure is close to the ventilation slots. The accessories used to install the mobile phone can be equipped with grippers or trays. Tip: If your phone or smartphone overheats quickly, you can use this type to divert the cooling of the air conditioner and benefit your phone.

I have used many car phone holders. The best solution is the VICSEED mobile phone holder. The smartphone sits firmly on the mounting cradle without shaking. The hardness of the ball joint can be adjusted by a rotating mechanism. How far the mobile phone should extend into the cockpit can be super adjusted by the telescopic arm. The tilt angle can also be adjusted. When sticking to the windshield, the holder is tightly fixed, and it is smooth and vibration-free when driving. With the VICSEED 3-in-1 mobile phone holder, you can get three fixing options at the same time and get all the equipment needed for the best installation in the vehicle. The owner decides whether to use an adaptor with a suction cup with a retractable arm, a glued plastic panel, or a ventilation grille.

Installation options
Setting option one applies to all cars: you can choose whether to install the bracket on the windshield, dashboard, or ventilation slot. If you want to change the location or the vehicle, you can do it in an instant without leaving any major residues.

Plastic disc for dashboard
The holder can also be fixed on some dashboards by suction cups. This should be flat and smooth. If there is a problem here, option two will work. You can paste it on the plastic disc to provide an ideal base for the suction cup.

But this is not all. If you prefer to install the phone holder on the car's vent, you can use a ventilation clip. It is grip in the ventilation slot, and its clamping force can be adjusted freely.

VICSEED mobile phone holder car 3 in 1 is the most stable solution ever if you use a suction cup and use an adapter for ventilation. You can enjoy a very sturdy and absolutely swing-free structure unless you are driving in extreme bumps.

The bracket and the suction cup form a sturdy unit. No air here with super sticky, which provides a secure connection. The telescopic arm is also commendable: whether it is extended or assembled, there are no concessions here, everything is super stiff and strong.

At all, the VICSEED 3 in 1 mobile phone holder car is a very stable, flexible and practical solution that can make the smartphone call, navigate or check information in the car safely. The mechanism also is softly padded on the inside so that the smartphone is not damaged. The mobile phone can be taken to almost any position and always kept in the driver's viewing, even on bumpy roads or corners, and will not perform a nervous dance.



(Author: XIAO Qiong)