Awesome, once you have it, you can do a lot of things while commuting.



How long do you spend on the way to work every day?

According to the latest survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017-How long do you spend daily on the road to work (Round-trip Commute Time)? It was found that the average commuting time in every U.S. city has steadily increased. The average American spends 52 minutes on the commute, and San Francisco citizens spend an average of 59.2 minutes, second only to DC, and the second-longest commuting time among the top 30 major cities in the United States.




How do most people spend their commute time?

Most cities have heavy traffic and traffic jams are commonplace. Commuting to and from get off work every day is also a problem that many urban office workers have to face. The United States is no exception. So what do Americans like to do during this long time in the car?

1. In a daze, wait for the red street light and wait for the traffic jam to end.

2. Talking on the phone with the other party was so excited, one inadvertently, the phone just fell into the gap between the seat and the door...

3. I had to stop and buy a cup of coffee to relieve my boredom, although I can drink enough for free in the office. Unfortunately, so many people were excluded from waiting.

4. In the summer, roll down all the windows of the car and let the wind rush into the car because of being stuck in a closed office for too long. However, all the heat on the face


If you have a car phone holder, commuting time can be used effectively.

As a workplace person, we must carefully understand the time cost and calculate the time cost. You can calculate the cost of time for everything, don't waste your time. Commuting costs include economic costs, time costs, and energy costs.

For the economic cost of commuting time: If you earn $10,000 a month and work 21 days a month, 8 hours a day, your time cost per hour is $60. If you spend 1 hour commuting every day, the time cost you spend on commuting every day is $60, and a month is the time cost of $1,260. But in this respect, if commuting time is not used effectively, it will cause huge waste.

So for many people who need to spend more time driving and commuting, it is recommended that everyone buy a beautiful and useful car phone holder, so that we can do a lot of things on the commute, whether its entertainment or improving our own activities. Both are good choices.


1. Call and greet relatives more safely, and keep in touch with friends who have not been in contact for a long time.

2. Mobile phone navigation. The car's built-in navigation has certain limitations. It is likely to lack real-time road condition information, and the touch screen mode and clarity are also difficult to reach the level of mobile phones. Therefore, many car owners prefer to use their mobile phones to navigate.

3. Listen to youtube programs. There are many interviews and lectures on Youtube that are very suitable for listening while driving. Over time, I have learned a skill without knowing it.

4. Using mobile phones to listen to radio programs on various apps has more choices than car radio stations, which can expand your knowledge and broaden your ideas.

5. Listening to stand-up comedy can ease the tension of going to work and make more laughter on the commute.

6. Listen to audiobooks or book recommendation programs. I have recently listened to "Listen to the Book Every day" to analyze the main content of some books. Although it cannot replace reading, it can be an aid to quickly filter the book list.


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