What are the special features for a GOOD car phone mount?

Are you always don't know where is your mobile phone when you get in your car and take the high risk of having to look for it in the middle of the seats when driving !!??


IF yes, let us see a car mount how to solve all problems when you are driving


1:You can use a car mount to make sure you do not look down while driving and trying to use your phone's GPS.

2:This is so handy in your car when you need your phone to voice text thru Siri.

3:You can finally drive without the stress of fumbling my phone around to check notifications

4:A mount makes it easier to see incoming calls and read directions while driving.


But besides the basic function of a car mount, a GOOD car mount features so many other qualities that other's car mount don't have

Let us see what's main Pros for the design car phone mount:

1:100% Never block your view while driving, it will be safer than other cell phone mount

2:The car phone mount magnetic 100% won't block your air vent, you can fully enjoy the benefits of air conditioning on hot summer or on cold winter and never worry about your phone overheating or too cold

3:Keeping everything within reach and keeping your eyes on the road

4:It is wonderful, esthetically better than the others because it occupies minimum space, not in the way when not in use.

6:The sleek design and function combination will let you  through the long days when you're  stuck in traffic

7: All with an elegant design with a contrasting trim that looks stunning in your car.

8:Installation was a breeze.