Do we really need a tripod?

When photography is switching from technology to art, when art requires a better expression, when higher precision is widely appreciated, we begin to consider the improvement of the equipment that we use.


Tripod is one of the most crucial parts of the kit when photographing. Because it allows us to not just hold on to the camera but focus on the different settings of the camera focus and the composition and all these different things are really taking in the shot that we trying to create. Not just snap something quickly and then move on.


(cr: CHI CHEN)


We need a tripod is for long exposures. Whenever we are shooting photos with a shutter speed lower than one-sixtieth of a second. We can start to notice and blur from handshake and if you have a really steady hand or wide lens we may not notice it. But the lower you get as you get to one-second exposures 10 seconds 30 seconds. Its almost impossible to handhold and gets a worthwhile photo.


To take a photo of your family without a photographer. What we need is to settle the camera on a tripod and got every metric set as we wanted. Like the focus, the frame, and so on. That would be great if there is a remote trigger. Just get your family to smile and click the remote to take a perfect shot. So we could get great photos ourselves without spending money to invite photographers.


(cr: insung yoon)


A tripod helps to avoid a Phone Camera shake. So we could compose beautifully. Many people like to take pictures by holding a phone or camera with their hands. Although it can be very convenient to move, compose and easily adjust the shutter speed and aperture, but also easy to shake your composition, not easy to control stably.

So, when you need a bit of time to think and compose a good family picture, a tripod is indispensable.