How to get rid of car adhesive pads of your car mount?

When you first buy A dash mount with an adhesive pad, you think it is so great and don’t think much about taking it off someday. Maybe you'll think that when that day comes, you know how to get rid of it nice and fast. Now, you're about to sell your car and BAM! Things get stuck, it’s like someone had brought cement to the bottom, difficult to take the adhesive pad off.



Most dash mount uses a very special adhesive disc, also known as VHB. This is a very expensive adhesive that attaches to thin paper or rubber strips and is said to that was made by 3M. Although very expensive, it is also perfect for attaching a lightweight phone mount to a car's leather or plastic dashboard. It's so sturdy that it won’t easily fall off.



So, what are you gonna Do? Fortunately, there is a way to remove these brackets with little or no damage to your dashboard.


First of all, please do not remove the mount in a cold environment. If you live in the north of a country, in the winter, you can take the hairdryer to your car and heat up the area with the hairdryer on the dashboard. After doing this, pick up a thin butter knife and very slowly start cutting the paper or rubber that is stuck to the glue. Please be careful to not slide into the dashboard. Slowly loosen the butter knife under the mount and apply upward pressure to the mount.


With any luck, once it’s done, the mount will come loose. If there’s the residue of glue or paper on the dashboard, Goo Gone is the answer to that dilemma. This stuff is great for removing adhesive residue from surfaces like the dashboard. Goo Gone comes in several varieties. You Don’t have to worry about that spilling over the rest of your car. Put a small amount of Goo Gone on the adhesive residue and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Erase it with a clean cloth and apply a little pressure on it. If you want to completely remove the glue stain, you may need to wipe Goo Gone a few more times. The good thing about Goo Gone is that it works no matter how long the mount was there. You might notice a little shining in the mounting area, but that’s not because of the Goo Gone, that’s what the color of the dash looked like when you first attached the mount, as the sun and dirt will discolor your dash over time.



General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner manufactured by 3M is slightly different from liquids and gels. It’s an aerial spray made to remove the epoxy. Compared to the spray, Goo Gone Gel is easier to use. But depending on the type of adhesive used, this one might work just as well.

This is a spray that I recommend spraying on paper towels or rags, not on the surface, because it will get harder when you want to control it. You can do this with a set of plastic blades to get additional cleaning capacity. These blades are made of plastic to minimize possible damage to the dash. Do not use metal blades as they can possibly damage the dashboard.



Hopefully, this article helps to make your dash look as good as before you applied the adhesive mount. Don’t be afraid to buy another one for your new car now that you know the secret for removal.