A good car mount enables you a podcast-enjoying driving experience

Although almost all studies show that listening to music or podcasts does not directly improve or reduce driving levels, they can still have some impact on driving due to the emotional impact of music and podcast content. Especially when driving long distances, listening to a little something can be very good at suppressing one's irritability and increasing the level of attention arousal, thus improving one's reaction time and contributing to driving safety. As for me, I really enjoy listening to podcasts while driving, especially when driving long distances on the road, as it usually makes me feel relaxed.


(cr: Hannes Egler)


My favorite podcast is “Stuff You Should Know”. As the name suggests, it's a fun and popular lifestyle science show, which is also a consistent iTunes Top 10 audio show. It covers a wide range of topics, from general knowledge to medicine, biology and even anthropology. Every subject imaginable is covered and expressed with great humor.



One of the most impressive issues I listened to recently was a discussion on death, How Dying Works. The two hosts discussed in great depth many aspects of death, such as how the body works during the dying process, what it feels like to be near death, the strict medical definition of death, and then extended to how people accept death, accept that people around them are dying, accept that they will die one day and that they regret not having lived when they did. And some of the things they regret not having done while they were alive. Although death may seem like a heavy subject, this episode continues its easy style but it doesn't detract from the thought-provoking nature of the show.


If I simply put my phone anywhere else in the car and play it there is no way to watch the navigation so I like to use the car phone holder to help me do this. I’ve used the car mount for a really long time and it has plenty of advantages.


First of all, it brings convenience to our car owners to answer the phone. To let people answering the phone while driving more conveniently and safely, the market demand for mobile phone holders appears, as it only needs hands-free access to the phone and also avoid us from using one hand to drive because it is extremely dangerous.


Moreover, fixing the phone creates a more stable display. It often happens that when we are driving on a road with speed bumps or when the car sways, without a phone holder, the mobile phone that we normally place next to the seat can slowly wobble and slide under the driver's feet, which can cause the brakes or accelerator to jam, thus can be very dangerous as well.


(cr: Meritt Thomas)


Aside from these pros, the car mount I using also has some unique features.


For example, the phone holder generally uses intelligent auto-identification control, which does not require us to deliberately set it up. The phone holder can automatically identify the phone when it is put down, automatically lock it and start wireless charging. And with the gravity mechanical structure, the clamping arm will automatically close and clamps the phone.



In addition, it has an upgraded suction cup, which maintains a very strong clamping force, which makes it stable and steady even in intense driving with sharp stops and accelerations, or on rough mountain roads, without worrying about dropping our phone.


What is more, it is also adaptable to very thick cases and larger phones and comes with a warranty of up to 18 years. I thought at first that such a handy phone holder should not look very good, but surprisingly it also gives a good look to the car's dashboard. Besides, it also swivels in all directions and never blocks the driver's view to the point of compromising driving safety.