How a car wireless charger’s gonna change your driving experience?

Sometimes driving on the road will inevitably navigate or answer the phone. Therefore, the wire car charger and mobile phone holder naturally became a rigid demand for car drivers. Especially when you need to navigate to guide the route when driving out of the house.

At this time, the battery level of the mobile phone is even more important. Although you can charge your phone with a cable, which leads to a messy environment and you need to plug or unplug the cable with each charge. It is easy to tear off if you are not careful, and a little carelessness will also affect driving. Can the mobile phone be charged if the data cable is not used?

The answer is: Yes! As long as your phone supports wireless charging.

When you have a car wireless charger,

① QI wireless charging standard, stable charging without damage to the machine;

② Triangular fixation, stable clamping of the mobile phone, easy to deal with various complicated road conditions;

③ One-handed operation, two installation modes, suitable for 99% of car models.


VICSEED had released a new car wireless charger mount, which is equipped with the 3rd generation reinforced copper coils, 2X faster charging & more stable than others. supports fast charging even with an Otter case or thick case within 6mm (0.24”), no need to remove your phone case for your convenience. 10W fast wireless charging car mounts for Samsung /LG series, 7.5W car mount wireless charger for iPhone series, 5W standard charging for pixel, AirPods Pro & other Qi wireless-enabled phones (requires QC 3.0 Car Charger).

Moreover, the wireless car charger mounts equipped with a suction cup and vent clip can be installed on the dashboard, A/C vent, or windshield firmly. The combination of a 3M pad and suction cup makes it fit for almost all car models. The suction forces up to 46lbs once the lock is pressed, keeping the car phone mount wireless charger firmly in place. Moreover, the upgraded screw clip built-in sheet iron double locks the car phone holder wireless charger strongly in the air vent. No falling issue even on bumpy roads.


When you have a car wireless charger, this is the convenience that you are gonna have!