How to become a professional YouTube vlogger

More and more people love to share their life on stream media. The word "vlogger" means someone who makes a vlog. And a vlog, according to Wikipedia, is "a form of blog for which the medium is the video". To be simple, it is a way of using video to record your daily life.



For those who make videos on the Internet, some like to shoot longer videos and record more details like on YouTube, others tend to shoot shorter videos in order to not lose the attention of people, like TikTok. Nowadays, with the development of short videos, people are more easily get bored and distracted in a short time. So for the content maker, it is harder to make really attractive videos.



In 2021, if we still want to be a life-recorder with visual photography language. What is the most important thing we’d better pay attention to?



In this article, we are trying to give you suggestions by selecting 3 kinds of popular vlogs on YouTube and try to detect what matters most to make good quality content.



The first is a study vlog, which is very popular among students and young people.

If you want to be a study vlogger, then you will have two kinds of the most important lens to shoot. The first is the scene while you are studying and the second scene is giving some suggestions and tips to help your followers improve their study skills and efficiency.

The decisive scenes for your video quality are thus your studying scene and your portrait lens. To make them perfect, you’ll have to make them stable and have good lighting.

The studying scene needs to be recorded with delayed shooting. Most of the vloggers are making the videos on their own so it is necessary to get a good tripod, put the tripod at the edge of your desk, settle your phone and adjust the angle to look down from top to bottom.

For the portrait lens in which you give tips and suggestions. Make sure to have a clear topic to make your audience interested. You can gather some popular themes on YouTube like “wake at 5:00 every morning”, “studying for 10 hours a day”, or simply “what I eat during exam week?”



If you are interested in fashion and beauty cosmetics, then you might want to be a makeup vlogger.

The core task for a makeup vlogger is to demonstrate clearly how the makeup is put and fully show the final effect. In photography, the decisive factor of image quality is light. So make sure you got plenty of light which is essential for a good video.

As we said before, people can get bored easily, so the best way to change a little bit for a makeup video is to adjust and change the composition. It is better to set up several tripods from different sides at different angles, so you can be sure that you won’t miss out on any details of the process.



The last kind that I want to introduce is the technique vlogger. If you are interested in all the factors and performance of the gadgets and you can think and talk logically, then you are very likely to become a good technology vlogger. Besides, many vloggers get free products from the brand to make comments on once they’ve got enough followers. Sounds exciting? However, becoming a tech vlogger requires that you are a real fan of the field you are gonna work on. For example, if you want to make a technique review for an Apple product, then you have to catch up with every news and central issue of the brand. Sometimes you also need to have precise insight into the potential strategies of the industry. Following the most popular topic really helps you to get more exposure and have more traffic.

As a tech vlogger, you need to be objective and comprehensive about the product you’re gonna review and visually you need to show every detail as clear as possible to your followers, which means you need to settle the tripod from different angles. It helps a lot to have a tripod with a pulley because you can use it to show the all-around of the product. Varying the composition matters a lot here too.

And also, when you are making a face video, you'll definitely need a tripod. For you’ll need to demonstrate the product while talking, there’s no hand left for you to grab a phone or camera.