How to make fashion video with a good tripod

The self-media industry is currently growing at a rapid pace, and one of the videos we see most often when we swipe through video sites are beauty videos and shopping sharing videos. This type of video attracts a huge group of young women who also have high spending power and are willing to invest in their own appearance. In addition to the revenue generated by the videos themselves, beauty bloggers also generate a large part of the revenue from advertising.


Countless video creators have made a lot of money from this. Thus, the self-media industry has also attracted countless people.


And because of the rapid development of technology, we will soon usher in the 5g era, so it is now very easy to use self-media short videos for profit, as long as it is your own original video, released to the self-media platform as long as there is play volume then there will be revenue. 



The most important part of becoming a video creator is the filming of the video, in addition to the planning of the content itself so that choosing a good tripod is of great importance.


A tripod is the most common and practical piece of steady shooting equipment. We use a tripod to hold the camera in place for long periods of time, and it is suitable for a variety of fixed scenes, both for camera and mobile phone users to use it for the purpose of making their own video shots more stable. I’ve used a tripod for photographing for quite a long time and I do think it has a great job.



First of all, it has adaptable height, it retracts all the way to a height of 18.2 inches/1.5 feet and extends all the way out to a height of 62 inches/5.2 feet, which gives it plenty of room for height adjustment, allowing it to be placed on a table for half-body videos or stretched out on the floor for full-body videos. Locked into this wide range of heights makes it suitable for most phone or camera users.



Besides, it is very light, so that even if we want to take it with us on a trip or a photoshoot, it will not be too much of a burden for us. Because it's made from a robust aluminum-alloy structure, this metal construction makes it both stable and durable while also being light enough to carry around with us.


In addition, the handy selfie function has also had important implications for content creators. Simply rotate the set to convert it into a self-timer, making it easier to see the content directly on the camera. And with the included wireless remote control, also gives us the ability to control the shot without touching it and it allows effective and long-range operation up to 30 feet.