Share a afternoon barbecue with a tripod

I really enjoy going out for a barbecue or to the beach with friends in my spare time, not only does it help to promote friendships but it is also a great relief from the stress of work and study.



I have a grandmother who lives alone in California. I’ve spent a really warm time with her when I was little. But when I grew up and left home, I didn't get to spend much time with her. As a result, whenever I go on a trip or get together with friends, I take photos or videos and share them with her. We sometimes go camping on top of a mountain to see the stars, and with a camera and tripod, we can sometimes get a great shot of the stars. On the beach, with the help of a tripod, we can also take great photos with our friends without the help of passers-by.



The height of the tripod is important, it is best to have the top of the tripod mounted on the camera with the viewfinder and phone at a horizontal level, otherwise, it can be physically uncomfortable to arch your back. But if the tripod is too long it poses the problem of inconvenient storage. However, the tripod I am using has a good degree of portability. It shrinks to such a small length that it can fit in a backpack, so I can carry it wherever I go. In addition to this, it can also be stretched out to the right height for taking photos of me and my friends. Besides, stiffness is the most important performance indicator of a tripod and this tripod is made of highly durable aluminum-alloy material with stainless steel, which makes it possible to keep stable when using my camera with even the heaviest lenses.  The stand also comes with a wireless remote shutter for remote control of selfies, so you can easily take pictures and videos by yourself. It has a pocket-sized wireless remote shutter and allows me to get within 33 feet (10m) and what I like most about it is that it doesn't require downloading apps, as downloading a bunch of apps is really annoying. What is more, it also has a very wide range of compatibility as I have used this mount for a very long time and have changed many phones in that time. Surprisingly, it is compatible with all Android phones and iPhones and its universal 1/4" screw mount is perfect for a wide range of cameras, webcam, GoPro, and camcorders.