How to Choose Your Magnetic Car Phone Holder?

There are many magnetic mobile phone holders on the market, how do we choose a suitable magnetic mobile phone holder? What are the key indicators for evaluating an excellent magnetic phone holder for car? The following article will give you some inspiration and help you find the most suitable magnetic phone holder for yourself. Come take a look!



Know your own situation:

Installation location:

Where do you want to install the magnetic mobile phone holder? Please think about this first.


Air Vent: I most recommend the air vent magnetic mobile phone holder, you can get your phone within touch, real one-handed operation, don’t worry about destroying your leather center console.



Car Dashboard: There are two choices for the dashboard, suction cup magnetic mount and 3m glue magnetic mount. The suction cup is relatively large, and the 3m glue does not occupy too much space in the car.



Rearview mirror: The advantage of installing in the rearview mirror position is to keep the field of view consistent with driving, but some car models are difficult to install in the rear-view mirror. You need to carefully check whether the product page whether it is suitable for your model.




Windshield: The advantage of installing on the windshield is the same as that of the rearview mirror, but it should be noted that in some states, this is not allowed by law, please pay attention to this point.




2. Your phone model

Does your mobile phone have a wireless charging function, because most magnetic mobile phone holders need to be pasted with a magnetic sheet to use, and some iron sheets will affect your wireless charging function, so please pay attention to this?

Secondly, pay attention to whether the magnetic force is enough to suck up your phone. You can pay attention to the specific data of the magnetic force on the page. If you need accurate data, you can also directly contact the seller for direct support.



What are the key points of a good magnetic mobile phone holder?


1. Keep your phone safe

This is the most important thing. First of all, the holder must ensure your phone’s safety. There are very cheap magnetic phone holders on the market, but the quality and materials are very poor, so it is not recommended to buy. You can pay attention to the kind of magnetic mobile phone holder that uses magnets with considerate structure and uses Rb material. It has a very strong magnetic force and can fix your mobile phone well in any road condition. You don't need to worry about your mobile phone's safety.


2. Easy to install and use

If you want a magnetic mobile phone holder that is easy to install and will not damage your car interior, the answer is the magnetic air vent mobile phone holder. It can be used directly with a simple installation, and it does not need to use 3m glue (it may damage your expensive leather interior) Easy to install and disassemble, can switch from different cars.


3. Convenient to use mobile phone

You can use the 360-degree adjustment to adjust a comfortable angle for yourself, and you can use the charging function within touch. When a magnet sheet is needed, the wireless charging function will not be affected.


3. Universal Compatibility

magnetic mobile phone holders sometimes need to be used with iron sheets, so a flat surface is required, so when you use popsocket/ ring case, you cannot use magnetic mobile phone holders.

But the good news is that some magnetic phone holders have a clever design. With a hollow-out design, you can use a variety of cases, including popsocket/ ring case.


This is the end of my sharing. I believe you already have your own ideas on the magnetic mobile phone holder. What do you think an ideal magnetic mobile phone holder should be?

Feel free to contact us, any comments are welcomed.