3 kinds of best dashboard mount for phone in 2021

Why do you need a dashboard mount for phone?

In many states, using a cell phone while driving is estimated as illegal. But in the real situation, we often come across the situation when we have to guide our ways with our phones. And it is also proofed that listening to some music while driving can reduce your tiredness. Therefore, choosing a suitable car phone mount and using it properly while driving is of most helpful for the drivers’ safety.

However, among all kinds of car phone mount on the market, which one is the most suitable for a driver? In this article, we are trying to analyze the pros and cons of the phone dashboard mount and try to demonstrate its superiority among all kinds of car phone mount.



Keep your sight unobstructed

Many people use the car phone mount to reduce risk and keep safe. To reduce the risk means that you have to be very careful and vigilance of the road conditions. And you have to watch out for all the passing cars and passengers. But it is not even possible to pay attention to the road condition if you look down to watch your cell phone. A cup car phone mount is an example. Because the cup phone holder for car is at the level of the central armrest, and the arm of the phone holder for car is usually not that long, your phone is always below the dashboard and steering wheel. Thus, in this case, using a cup phone holder for car would be the last choice. However, a dashboard mount phone is settled on the top of the dashboard surface. So it is definitely higher than your steering wheel. Therefore, when you are using dashboard mount phones and you want to check the navigation while driving, you only have to move your eyes horizontally. And there’s no need to worry about the sight obstruction because the road will still be in your peripheral vision.


The mount won’t be ripped off

It’s quite annoying when every time you want to pull off your cell phone and the whole phone holder is ripped off. In some cases, it is because the stick attached to the surface is not strong enough. In some others situations, it is because of the structure of the phone holder for car. For example, a magnetic air vent phone holder for car or the CD slot car phone mount is inserted in the air vent or CD slot, so the grabbing force is weaker than the stickiness force. Whereas a strong phone dashboard mount is using the suction cup and the adhesive pad, so there’s in fact a doubled insurance.


The dashboard mount for phone is of course, like all things in the world, not perfect.

One of the little flaws is that the suction cup of the car dashboard phone holder has the risk to fell off in hot conditions. This is because of the physical feature of the material. Nowadays, many sellers have made an effort to solve the problem and they have indeed found some adapted material whose heat resistance is much approved. As customers, we could pay more attention to the sellers who claim clearly that they have considered and work on this issue. Besides, the phone dashboard mount is better than the windshield phone holder for car because the temperature on the windshield is higher than which on the dashboard.



Is it legal to put a car phone mount on your dashboard?

Some positions in the car are prohibited to settle a phone holder for car by the law because the obstruction of the sight significantly increases the risk of driving. For example, the suction cup windshield car phone mount is illegal in almost 70% of states of the United States, like New Jersey, Washington, New Mexico, New York, etc.

The strictness and the actual implementation of the legal provision in every state, however, can vary a lot.



Some states are extremely strict on the use of phone holder for car on the windshield. For example, the 2016 Georgia Code Title 40 clearly states that “no opaque or solid material including, but not limited to, cardboard, plastic, and taped glass shall be employed in lieu of a glass windshield or window.” 

Some states consider however the different situations. California law emphasizes specifically the “voice-operated” and” hands-free” when using the handheld wireless telephone or wireless communications device. It explains the allowed situation in detail that the driver can only touch the devices with his hand to activate or deactivate a feature or function. Thus only a single swipe or tap of the drivers finger is prohibited. The state also lists out the specific legal positions to mount your phone in the car: the lower right side of your windshield in a 7-inch square area and the lower-left corner of your windshield in a 5-inch square section. For the Californians who want to mount their car phone mount on the Windshield, it is important to mount in the legal areas above. If you think this is so annoying, the law has to offer you a simple solution: mount it on the dashboard.

The penalty might be very serious if you broke the laws, except for the damage it might cause to your safety, the financial punishment is also of large amount. In 2019, the state passed Assembly Bill 47 which will increase the minimum fines from $150 to $162 for the first offense in 2021. The breaking of the laws also causes an add in the point record in your file which leads to increases in your insurance rates, making you pay more for your car insurance.

The only states with no restrictions at all are Missouri and North Carolina.

However, there are no explicit articles of law that clearly state the ban on dashboard mount phones. And as we mention above, some states like California even make it clear that it is legal and simpler to mount your phone on the dashboard.

Most of the windshield cell phone holder for car is stick to the mirror with the suction cup. So if you already have a windshield car phone mount, it’s really simple to make your original devices legal: just stick your suction cup on the dashboard.

Other tips to be emphasized: if you are under 18, you are prohibited from using the dashboard mount phones in the car, even hands-free.



 How to make your dashboard mount phones sturdily?

The first thing that will come to your mind when choosing a dashboard mount for phone can be: can it really stick to my dashboard? To know whether the commitment the sellers make on the selling page meets its real performance, you need to check out 2 things carefully.


The first thing is the material of the glue. The stickiness of the adhesive pad is the most decisive thing on whether the car dashboard phone holder works well on your dashboard. Some car phone holder dashboard uses a very special adhesive disc called VHB. These tapes are able to form bonds of exceptional strength and have greater durability and elasticity than conventional double-sided foam tapes. Although very expensive, it is perfect for attaching a cell phone holder for car to a car's leather or plastic dashboard. With the high-strength VHB tapes, bonds get stronger over time, eliminate mechanical fasteners for good.

The heat resistance ability of the material also matters because, in the summer, many states in the united states rise to over 40 Celsius degrees outdoors.


The second thing is the way the dashboard mount   for phone is connected to the dashboa  rd surface. Some car dashboard phone holder attach directly to the surface with the suction cup, and when the surface is dirty or not smooth, it is very possible that it will fell pf easily. This is because the air can’t entirely discharge out of the suction cup. On the contrary, some car phone holder dashboard sellers offer an extra adhesive pad, you could stick it on your dashboard and attach the suction cup to the adhesive pad. The effect is much better because the adhesive pad has a perfectly smooth surface. And the adhesive pad usually has a stronger viscosity, which guarantees better that the phone holder is not detached from the dashboard.



Does a non-shaking cellphone dashboard mount really exist?

According to the laws of physics, the longer the moment of force is, the more force will be needed to make a balance. This rule indicates that the cell phone holder for car with a long arm requires a stable base. Sometimes it is simply because the base won't have enough weight that the dashboard car phone holder can’t stay sturdily in where it is. Besides, a cell phone holder for car made of weak material is very possible to be broken. Some cellphone dashboard mount that uses good materials like the airliner PTFE PC material could be specially paid attention to. You could also check out if the cellphone dashboard mount has passed some authority certifications like the military-grade sturdiness test.



3 best kinds of dashboard car mount

After introducing the materials and the structures of some dashboard car phone holder, we are going to give you some actual choosing guides. According to the simplicity of the usage, the service life of the product, and the user satisfaction, we have selected three kinds of cell phone dashboard mount.


The first one is the cellphone dashboard mount which has long arms and two clamps at each side of the mount to hold the dashboard mount phones. In this article, we use the Vicseed EasyClamp as an example. The EasyClamp is one of the best sellers of the brand. So there must be some reasons behind this popularity.

The most outstanding feature of EasyClamp is its firmness. The two clamps on each side of the car mount are like two hands that hold the dashboard mount phones with large security. The clamps are thick and strong, making them grab the dashboard mount phones with enough force. Besides, there are rubber cushions inside the clamps, adding friction and prevent the slide.

The second impressive feature is its flexibility of the angle. The telescopic arm that extends from 4.84" - 9.05" and can pivot up or down for a variety of angles optimizes viewing capabilities.

The third important advantage is the simplicity of using. The EasyClamp has an adjustable foot at the bottom of the holder, enables you to lock or release your dashboard mount phones with just one hand operation.



One of the little insufficient of the EasyClamp might be that it can’t be compatible with a very thick case.

In this case, one other kind of shorter panel holder stands out: the Vicseed SocketClamp. This cellphone dashboard mount has larger compatibility. Many people worry about the phone holder not being able to use Mag safe to charge their dashboard mount phones. But with SocketClamp, there is no need to worry. The SocketClamp has long clamps that measure 0.75 inches, which is 50% longer than the normal clamp. The possibility is thus broadened: the otter box, the pop socket, the phone with a wallet......

In contrast to the longer clamps, the SocketClamp has in fact shorter panels. Many people would worry that the clamps will squeeze the cell phone power or volume button accidentally while using their dashboard mount phones. The SocketClamp doesn’t have feet stand at the bottom. So you won’t have to adjust many times to make sure that the clamp won’t squeeze the button.

With shorter panels, the SocketClamp avoid also from obscuring the air vent. However, as we mentioned above, the SocketClamp doesn’t have adjustable feet, so it’s harder for you to just put your dashboard mount phones on the stand and squeeze the clamps with one hand.


The third recommended cellphone dashboard mount called EasyMag has an even smaller panel than the SocketClamp. You can barely see it once you have to mount it successfully. This reduces importantly its risk of obstacle the view. And because the EasyMag uses both the adhesive pad and suction cup to attach to the dashboard, even if the magnetic part has large force, there’s little possibility that it would be ripped off. Moreover, the EasyMag is among the three cellphone dashboard mount the easiest one to use, just put your dashboard mount phones next to the magnetic panel and your phone is caught up by the magnetic base.



How to remove it?

Actually, you don’t really have to remove the adhesive pad don’t because it’s very thin and is barely invisible on your dashboard. But if you still decide to remove it, here are some useful tips and tools for you.

First of all, please do not remove the dashboard phone holder for cars in a cold environment. If you live in the north of a country, in the winter, you can take the hairdryer to your car and heat up the area with the hairdryer on the dashboard. After doing this, pick up a thin butter knife and very slowly start cutting the paper or rubber that is stuck to the glue. Please be careful to not slide into the dashboard. Slowly loosen the butter knife under the mount and apply upward pressure to the dashboard phone holder for car. You could also use a fishing line if you worry to hurt your dashboard surface.

With any luck, once its done, the dashboard phone holder for car will come loose. If theres the residue of glue or paper on the dashboard, Goo Gone is the answer to that dilemma. This stuff is great for removing adhesive residue from surfaces like the dashboard. Goo Gone comes in several varieties. You Dont have to worry about that spilling over the rest of your car. Put a small amount of Goo Gone on the adhesive residue and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Erase it with a clean cloth and apply a little pressure on it. If you want to completely remove the glue stain, you may need to wipe Goo Gone a few more times. The good thing about Goo Gone is that it works no matter how long the mount was there. After using it, you might notice a little shining in the mounting area. But thats not because of the Goo Gone. Instead, it is what the color of the dash looked like when you first attached the mount, as the sun and dirt will discolor your revealed dashboard over time.

General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner manufactured by 3M is slightly different from liquids and gels. Its an aerial spray made to remove the epoxy. Compared to the spray, Goo Gone Gel is easier to use. But depending on the type of adhesive used, this one might work just as well.

This is a spray that we recommend spraying on paper towels or rags, not on the surface, because it will get harder when you want to control it. You can do this with a set of plastic blades to get additional cleaning capacity. These blades are made of plastic to minimize possible damage to the dash. Do not use metal blades as they can possibly damage the dashboard.